Amber consists of a lot of elements like: mangan, copper, iron, sodium, calcium, aluminium and silicon. Hippocrates really appreciated amber’s squad and used it to make healthy mixtures. Except of Baltic amber there is also very well-known Dominican amber and amber from Borneo, Australia or Mexico. Amber found around all the world is able to have a lot of colours – except the most typical mortar there are creamy, red, green, blue, black and white.

            Polish Baltic amber is the most valuable because it is still ‘alive’ – it evaporates and oxidizes. These processes has not finished yet. An amber has special healing properties. As Medical Academies in Lodz and Gdansk have shown it prevents of the aging, neutralises free radicals. The succinic acid contained in amber has the ability to absorb radiation and creates a protective filter with lanolin. Nobel laureate from 1905 Robert Koch – the discoverer of tuberculosis and anthrax bacilli – studied the properties of succinic acid and appreciated its value. He certified that the succinic acid occurs in the unripe parts of the gooseberries, apples, grapes, stalks of rhubarbs and asparagus.

            The amber really well prevents of the rheumatism, stimulates blood circulation and it is really good on the peeling. The most valuable amber is that seemingly the ugliest one, the so-called slag. It consists of the most microelements.

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